Welcome to the Nature’s Pantry Produce Department.  When you visit our stores, you can expect to have a wide selection of clean and fresh fruits and vegetables that are antibiotic, chemical, insecticide, herbicide and pesticide free.  In keeping with our identity as your Alternative Grocery Store, we strive to provide you with healthy alternatives to the wax-coated, treated and genetically modified products that you would find in a traditional grocery store.

In addition to great tasting, high quality produce, our staff is charged with upholding our Mission Statement promise to support local farms and farmers whenever possible.  While some of our more tropical fruits and vegetables are imported via trust-worthy sources, some comes from farms right in your own neighborhoods.  Our imported products all are clearly marked with country of origin for your convenience..

We thank you for stopping by and hope that you’ll take advantage of our well-trained, certified and knowledgeable staff should you have any questions or need produce advise.

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