Like our customers, Nature’s Pantry promotes the numerous benefits of purchasing products in bulk. Our stores have bulk sections with several dozen gravity-fed and scoop bins. Many of the beans, nuts, flours, grains, cereals, pastas, snacks, trail mixes, candies, coffees, teas, herbs and spices that are popular in traditional packaging can be found in our bulk sections. We also have machines that provide our customers with a means to grind your own peanut butter, almond butter and coffee beans.

Buying in bulk is both economical and Earth-friendly. It also saves you money due to the fact that bulk requires no advertising or fancy packaging. It decreases the amount of trash that ends up in a landfill. It may decrease the amount of trips that a shopper may need to make to stock up on groceries. It also permits the shopper to choose the exact proportions that your menu calls for. Natural resources that are saved by buying bulk products include oil, trees, water and land.

For those that take bulk buying to the next level, Nature’s Pantry offers our customers the opportunity to special order bulk items in up to 50 pound increments with a bulk discount.

When you visit our bulk sections, you’ll discover that all of our bulk bins display labels that show exactly what is in the bin and the nutritional content. You can also find the country of origin for each of the bulk items.

If you are new to buying in bulk, feel free to stop by and ask for a sample or for a quick lesson on how to properly bag and mark your purchases for convenience and a speedy check-out at the register.

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